7th Graders Explore Cobble Mountain

October 8, 2016


On the 5th and 6th of October, a selected 44 7th grade students were able to go to Cobble Mountain and the West Parish Water Filtration Center (for more information about the center click here!). In the morning, we were bused up Cobble Mountain, located in Granville MA, and shown the Cobble Mountain Reservoir. This man made lake, which covers about 5 acres, is were all the water in Springfield starts its journey before coming out of our showers, faucets, hoses, everything. Students then were able to explore a wooded area that contains a stream that feeds into the reservoir. They were able to catch organisms native to the woods (like salamanders, frogs, dragonfly larvae, and more!) and have some fun outdoors. 


We then enjoyed a lovely lunch of pizza on some picnic tables under a blue sky. After lunch, we were taken on a tour of the filtration plant where the water is purified for consumption. We saw two types of filters and actually got to go underground and see a retired slow sand filter. We also were shown into the laboratory where they test the water for bacteria and check for quality. 





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