7th Graders Dissect Frogs

December 5, 2016


Today was the first day that we started our dissection. The students did incredibly well with being mature and taking this opportunity seriously. I was very proud of their focused work and engagement. Students were able to use tools like dissecting scissors and forceps to examine and observe organs within an organisms. 



Today, we investigated and removed the heart and the lungs to get better access to the digestive system organs which we will examine tomorrow. We were able to make specific observations about the structure of certain organs and how that is related to their function which is a major question of this unit. Another good day with our frogs!



We said goodbye to our frogs today. They served us well. We learned all kinds of things about the body systems and had a phenomenal scientific experience. Using gloves, goggles, and our specimens (which were all donated-- shout out to you generous individuals who helped us get these materials on Donor'sChoose.com!!) we were able to look and act like scientists. 




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