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Research shows that school uniforms support a safe and disciplined learning environment, which is the first requirement of any good school. Students who are safe and secure and learn the basic American values and the essentials of good citizenship are better students.


As of September 2008, there is a mandatory school uniform policy in the Springfield Public Schools. All details of the district’s mandatory policy—including specific enforcement policies and consequences for non-compliance— are available at the central office, the PIC, and each school office. The full policy is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Somali, Russian, and Vietnamese.


Please note that the articles of clothing that make up the mandatory Springfield Public School uniform can be purchased in any department or discount store. No store has, or can have, a monopoly on selling school uniforms.

The Chestnut TAG Middle School uniform

consists of the following:

  • Collared royal blue shirt

  • Khaki, black, or navy pants or Khaki, black, or navy shorts and skirts that hit below the knee.

  • Close-toed shoes and sneakers.

Please note that the following clothing items are not considered school uniform:

  • Leggings and joggers

  • Athletic shorts

  • Slides

  • Black, white, or navy shirts

Items pictured above are available for purchase in the main office. All are available in youth and adult S, M, L, and XL. 

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