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What is the criteria for TAG?

To be eligible for TAG, students must score “meeting” or “exceeding” on BOTH their math and ELA MCAS. Also, students must have 93% attendance for the previous school year and 5 or fewer behavioral/disciplinary log entries. Lastly, students need a counselor, principal, or teacher recommendation.

How do I apply to TAG?

If your student meets these qualifications, then TAG will automatically show up on their electronic middle school ballot. If it does not appear there, then you are encouraged to call the office at the number below to apply. 

Please call the office at 413-750-7333

Can my student visit TAG? 

Any Springfield 5th grade student interested in TAG (or 6-8 students wishing to transfer) are welcome to visit us at TAG even prior to the application process. To schedule a visit, contact our main office or guidance counselor. You can find their contact information by clicking on the link below.

If I am moving to SPS can I apply?

If you are planning to move to Springfield you can still apply to TAG. Families must first register with the Parent Information Center located at 91 School Street in Springfield. Then simply follow the directions outlined previously.



For more information about balloting and applying to Chestnut Talented and Gifted (TAG) Middle School, please click on the link to the Springfield Public Schools (SPS) website below.

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