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A student who has enrolled in a Springfield Public School middle school is expected to be present for the duration of the school day. All class periods must be attended. A student cannot be absent more than a total of 14 days (unapproved) in an academic school year or he/she will receive a grade of “PA” (Pending Appeal) for all courses for the current marking period. After the 14th day of absence, the student must file an appeal with the designated school based staff members. If the appeal is successful, then he/she will receive the earned letter grade for all courses. Any student who accumulates more than 14 absences during the academic school year will be ineligible to move successfully from one grade to the next unless there are validated extenuating circumstances or a successful appeal.


The SPS Parent Portal is an easy to navigate online system that will put your student’s attendance and grades right at your fingertips. Follow these steps to set up an account:

  1. If you are your scholar's legal guardian, then the first step is to come to TAG with a picture ID.

  2. Our office manager will get you your ACCESS ID

  3. Once you have completed these two steps first, then follow the directions using the link below

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