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6th Grade Science

I am very excited to study a wide range of science topics with you this year! Topics will range from Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, to Technology and Engineering. We will work together to look at topics both scientifically and creatively.


The year will be broken down into 5 units: Earth’s Place in the Universe, Matter and Its Interactions, Earth’s Systems and Biological Evolution, From Molecules to Organisms, and Waves


Students should be able to check their science grade in PowerSchool, however if you are concerned about anything relating to their grade or science class, please feel free to contact Mrs. Axtell at:


Another way to stay up-to-date on class assignments and announcements is to request to join the appropriate class on the Remind app. Codes are as follows:

Period 2: @a8c6af

Period 5: @8e8hkg

Period 6: @86bhbb

Period 7: @236g78

Period 8 (encore): @2kgk67

Read the full syllabus for 6th grade science by clicking here


Grade: 7th

If your student is in Mrs. Axtell’s advisory and you would like to contact her, please do so at:

Updates and announcements may also be received through the Remind app: The code for Mrs. Axtell’s advisory is: @9bchhg

6th Technology and Engineering Encore

This semester students will be using the Engineering Design Process to study various components of a city. Components include, but are not limited to, transportation, communication technologies, and structural systems including materials used with different types of structures. Students will then construct their own model cities using their acquired knowledge.

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