Maria Melendez

Family & Community Engagement Coordinator

As the TAG Family and Community Coordinator my mission is to develop goal-oriented relationships between teachers, administrators and families that are mutual, culturally responsive, and that supports the best interest for the students and families both individually and collectively. I strive to promote and encourage deepened community spirit, and enriching educational, social, and developmental experiences as teachers and families share responsibility as true partners for student learning.



Alice Farrell

Parent Board Member

Alice Farrell is a mother of 8 children and grandmother to 5 grandsons. She is an advocate for  children and enjoy working with schools to ensure that all children feel connected, are supported, and receive quality education. She also advocates for educators to receive the resources and support they need to effectively engage and partner with students, parents, and community members. Alice believes that parents and family members are essential to the success of schools and must be provided the platform to help shape the school's culture and climate and inform their decision-making processes.