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Welcome to Ms. Leveille's Advisory!

6th Grade English Language Arts

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This winter, the focus of our ELA instruction is on the genre of "memoir," with a thematic focus on the Holocaust. As a part of this unit, students are reading the memoir The Boy on the Wooden Box, which is the true story of Leon Leyson - the youngest survivor on Schindler's list. In addition to this book, students were also asked to select a second memoir to read as a part of a larger writing project.  This project requires students to reflect on their reading in writing, and later the focus will be on the revision process.

This month in ELA: OCTOBER

This October, the focus of our ELA instruction was on the novel "Bud, Not Buddy" - a classic that takes place during the Great Depression and is told through the eyes of an 11-year old orphan named Bud. While reading the novel, students analyze Bud's "Rules to Live By" and attempt to explain what events in his life led him to form those rules. The writing focus for this unit is on the narrative, with students doing their best to incorporate the creative elements of dialogue, characterization, and vivid language into their own work.

This month in ELA: SEPTEMBER

ELA kicked off the month of September with the remainder of our team building and getting to know you practices. Activities included the "Cup Stacking Challenge" and "Skittles Introductions." Once we completed those, it was on to some writing practice and students worked to perfect their paragraph basics. Students started the unit with a pre-assessment activity using red stickers and then charted their progress again in yellow. Also this month, students took the STAR Reader test and the MAP test. Both of these will be used to chart students' growth throughout the school year.

TAG Times Newspaper

Read the syllabus for my class by clicking here!

6th Grade Social Studies

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This month in Geography: DECEMBER/JANUARY

This winter, students are completing the last of their "Mapping Labs" on Latin America and Africa. Then, in the last week or so, students began their final assignment for class.  This assignment pairs students in the class with one of Ms. Leveille's friends from other countries - there are 9 in total. All students get to know up front is the friend's name, so each day, they ask 10 "yes or no" questions in the hopes of correctly figuring out the city in which the friend lives. So far some students are very close!

This month in Geography: OCTOBER

This October, students took part in their first of several "Mapping Labs."  These week-long activities place students in the role of investigators, as they explore and describe a region with the help of 5 different thematic maps. During this month's lab, students worked with North America, and through their research, attempted to identify where a particular photo was taken based on how that photo compares to North America's varied landscape. This activity concluded with a 5-paragraph essay justifying their decision.

This month in Geography: SEPTEMBER

Geography began the school year with a brief introduction to the "5 Themes of Geography" in which students rotated through stations and then presented their findings to the rest of the class. Since completing that, our focus has been on Map Reading skills. Students worked to identify elements such as relative location, latitude and longitude, various hemispheres, and map scale. Their work culminated in their creation of a classroom map including all such elements.

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