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6th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts!  I look forward to spending this year with you! My goal over the next 180 days is to help you master all of the skills necessary to leave 6th grade feeling confident in your reading, writing, and speaking. We will work together to have fun and make sure this happens. 


Read the syllabus for my class by clicking here!


College Identity: Florida State University

Grade: 8th

Important information: We celebrate birthdays once a month with muffins, donuts, and bagels. 10 AquaBux are awarded for each scholar that performs their daily advisory duty. 

If your student is in Ms. Trujillo's advisory and you would like to contact her, do so at:

My advisory, 15 exuberant young boys, are driven, joyful and most of all kind. 

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