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Watch this video from Mr. Lessard to learn how to access laptop help. If you still have questions, click the button below to access the "SPS Family IT Support" YouTube channel.


If you're having trouble logging on to Microsoft Teams:


  1. If you are using a SPS Student Laptop

        1. Go to Miscosoft Teams app on Student Laptop

        2. Student should automatically be logged on when app opens (if not signed in, go to step 3 below)


  2. If you are using a personal computer/laptop

        1. Download Microsoft Teams

        2. Log on to Microsoft Teams the same way you log on to PowerSchool/ Unified Classroom

        3. Microsoft Teams Username: (Student ID number)

        4. Microsoft Teams Password: (same as password to get into student laptops)

​If you're having trouble with your laptop please follow these steps:

  1. Laptop wont turn on?

    1. Make sure you have charged it for more than 10 minutes

    2. The charger is plugged into a worker outlet

    3. The charger is connected to your laptop

  2. Can't log on to yor laptop?

    1. Make sure the caps lock is off

    2. You’re using the proper username which is your lunch number ( student I.D)

    3. Your password is correct which is Sp(mmddyyyy) student birth date

    4. Shut down and turn laptop back on

  3. Is your internet not working?

    1. Make sure you are connecting to your wifi at home

    2. Power off computer, restart it then try it one more time

    3. Restart your internet modem

    4. Make sure modem is connected to working outlet and lights are flashing to indicate that it is on

If you trouble shooting is not working for you, the next step will be to put in a ticket. Someone will then reach out with further instruction.

Please proceed to request a replacement if your laptop is physically broken resulting in not being able to use it or if you have tried all of the above and the issues can not be solved.

Please follow the directions below:

  1. Students would submit a request through the student help desk on Microsoft Teams (which works on a phone too) 

  2. Once a ticket is submitted, an OITA tech will give the student access to a form to request the replacement

  3. Once all of the above has been completed, SPS would then communicate with the student/family on delivery.



Step 1:

FROM A CELLPHONE: The Student Help Desk can be accessed by downloading the free MS Teams app from the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store. Once installed, you can log into the app with the student’s SPS email address and password (the same you use for logging into PowerSchool Unified Classroom).

FROM A COMPUTER: From a computer, simply go to and sign-in with the student’s SPS email address and password (the same you use for logging into PowerSchool Unified Classroom). Once logged in, click the “Teams” icon from the list of applications.

Step 2:

Once in Teams, select the “Student Help Desk” team and post a question in the chat. Members of the IT Department are monitoring the chat during school hours and will respond to questions; and, when possible, remotely resolve issues with a device.


As a reminder to all users, posts to the Student Help Desk should be polite and appropriate at all times and the posting of inappropriate messages will result in loss of access to the Student Help Desk.

teams tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to use Microsoft Teams.

troubleshoot internet issues

Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot internet issues.

unified classroom tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to sign into Unified Classroom and how to use the Dashboard.

Still have questions?

Please send us an email so we can discuss your laptop issue. Click the pencil icon  or the "click here" to send an email to Mr. Salas.

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